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Pepper, in better days

One of the primary things I want to do with this page is to have my own editorial forum, and to write about personal things that happen to my family and me.  I have a page of what I call "Rants," which is my assembled collective editorials, past and present.  Some are personal, some deal with my immediate reaction to some current event, and most are political.  My most current rant is here on the home page.  I also have a few photos on the Photos page, which I will change periodically, according to my whims.  And as I become more facile in designing pages.  I have also added a special photos page containing the best photos from our recent trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora.  Here's the link:  Bora Bora.
And I've now added a page of the best photos from the four trips we made to Hawaii.  In mid-October, 2009, we for the first time saw the summit of the volcano Haleakala, which dominates (in fact, which created) the east portion of Maui.  The link to the Hawaii photos is Hawaii Photos.

So, (hopefully), enjoy. . .


Could it have been a bit over 15 years ago when we rescued two kittens from the Feed Barn?  One (Pepper) was then four months old, and Junior was two months old.  These two had survived the pack of four dogs we had then, all now gone.  And today Pepper is gone, and has joined them in the garden.

Pepper grew to be an outsized Calico cat whom we could have sworn had dog DNA.  More than anything on warm spring or hot sunny days, she loved to just sit on the deck with the dogs, as though she were one of them.  They accepted her, too; both the past generation and the two dogs we now have.  And she and Junior, who came to our home together, didn’t argue or fight with each other.  They each went their own way.

And she was MY cat.  She loved me more than anyone, even though it was Darcel who fed her and otherwise cared for her.  I don’t think she ever went to the vet’s office except to get her kitten shots a long time ago, until a visit on Thursday and her final trip there today.  She had some trouble walking, and this morning, she had lost the use of both of her back legs, so we had no real choice but to put her down.

Later, we gradually added more cats to our household; Gizmo in 2013 and Spud a couple of months ago.  Pepper treated them both with benign disregard for the most part, but they didn’t get into fights.  Pepper wasn’t a fighter; she was a lover, through and through.

I can’t remember when Pepper wasn’t sleeping on the bed right next to me.  I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it tonight when she isn’t there.


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